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The Way Home

A photographic exploration into the balance between our Internal and External worlds. 

Reflecting on how our perceptions and thinking patterns that we habitually manifest, direct us on our path though life. 

Todays world is often lived at such a fast pace, with so many stimuli vying for our attention, that we may often forget ourselves. However there is great comfort to be found when we take the time to pause and direct our gaze inwards. 

Simply by slowing down our experience allows for new ways of seeing. 

New ideas formed, alternative information arises and fresh choices appear.

Thus we can choose, on which direction to embark, on our journey through life. 


Utilising, acetate paper, acrylic glass , mirrors and light, motifs and sculptures are constructed and arranged. The images portray a combination of  tangents and vectors, conveying a sense of direction and reflection.The resulting creation is then photographed , with single and multiple exposures.


Photo prints mounted behind acrylic glass

70x50cm, 150x100cm

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