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Inner Windows

In this series I am exploring how Humanity is interconnected. During this epoch of pandemic it becomes more apparent that there is a global commonality that unites our emotional landscape through our experiences of isolation, loneliness and longing for connection.


“Inner Windows” utilises photographic filters that are assembled into 3D sculptures. Use of light creates interactions of calm and vibrant colours, shapes, intersections, shadows and planes of colour that are then captured in a 2D format image.  A metaphorical juxtaposition, of how we are all interconnected through Nature as a species.


Alluding at what this period of Social/Political history has perhaps exemplified beyond all others. How in todays commercial, materialistic, technological world, in the throws of a Pandemic, we are not in fact walled-off individuals and autonomous masters of our own fate. Though we may be separated geographically through time and space, culture and language, we are interconnected and inseparable from the web of life. Illuminating that there is more that binds and unites us, rather than separates or divides us. 

IPA 2021.png
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